The mission of the Friends of AAAB, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity, not only is to work as a fiscal partner with the AAAB, but it also will further the mission and projects of the AAAB and be a grass roots link to keeping the Asian community apprised of the AAAB’s activities and resources available to the Asian community.

Friends of AAAB provides multi-dimensional support to the AAAB through its various projects and activities, including but not limited to:

  • Advocacy and Community Outreach: This serves to build an active and informed Asian American community through communication, promotion, education, and championing of Asian American causes and concerns as well as exchange of ideas and culture here in South Florida through the Friends of AAAB website.

  • Publications of AAAB Book and AAAB Promotional Materials: These are publications by the AAAB containing statistical data highlighting Asian countries, Asian Americans, information about organizations that are capable of rendering assistance to Asian Americans and services provided by the AAAB and resources available to the Asian American community. Funding will be provided by Friends of AAAB.

  • Scholarships to Asian American Students in College or College Bound: Friends of AAAB will provide annual scholarships to Asian American students based upon academic excellence, community service, and financial need. Funding will be provided by Friends of AAAB. Membership Drive and Fundraising by Friends of AAAB: Membership dues and fundraising will provide fiscal support needed to fund the various projects of the AAAB and Friends of AAAB.