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    Asian Americans constitute approximately six percent of the national population. It is a dynamic group representing the full diversity of Asia from Turkey to Japan and the Pacific Islands. Very often, Asian Americans are identified as a group with Asian heritage, whether in whole or in part, whether foreign-born or U.S.-born, either from Asia or the Pacific Islands, and, if foreign-born, regardless of their length of stay or legal status. They are known as Asian Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, or Asian American Pacific Islanders.


    Miami-Dade County's Asian American community is a reflection of the national Asian American population. It is a diverse and relatively new community with better economic and education levels. Asian Americans began settling in Miami-Dade County in the early twentieth century, with a massive wave of South Asians arriving in the 1970s. This segment of our population has enriched our community and given, in a silent way, a dynamic wealth to our culture.

    Today, Asian Americans can be found in every walk of life in Miami-Dade County - in both the private and public sectors - entrepreneurs, accountants, architects, attorneys, bankers, educators, engineers, physicians, researchers, working diligently to lay their imprint on the community at large. As a group, Asian Americans uphold their civic responsibility by providing volunteer services to the needy and the poor.

    The new focus is on institution building. In the last few years many community-based Asian organizations have emerged to serve the community: NANAY began as a Filipino organization and it has grown into a full community service institution helping the elderly and providing a wide range of community services; SAHARA was established to help the victims of domestic violence, it now provides mental health counseling, referral in legal service and help victims gain independence; UHI Clinic is providing free preventive healthcare to un-insured and poor in our community.

    Asian diversity in South Florida covers full Asian landscape: there is a major presence of Bangladeshi, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Iranian, and Pakistani communities; and a noticeable presence of the Arabs, Japanese, and Korean Diaspora. There presence brings the colors of Asia during major Asian Festivals in town throughout the year.