4th Annual Florida Turkish Festival:
Anatolia Cultural Center, which represents Turkish-Americans living South Florida, brought a world-wide event to Fort Lauderdale's Huizenga Plaza on February 20th and 21st, 2010 for two days. Near 8,000 South Floridians were treated to an incredible event featuring heart simulating live music and amazing sight of the most diverse dancing on stage as well as to various art craft and delicious food from Turkey. A world-known calligrapher came all the way from Turkey and showcased this lost art of writing. The Blue Star Folk Dancing Group presented a variety of Turkish folk dance pieces from traditional dances to modern choreographies keeping the spirit of the dance. The participants had a chance to win a vintage $500 U.S. banknote with a market value of $2,000. There were several attractions for the minors’ entertainment. See more information on 4th Annual Florida Turkish Festival