Democracy and Human Rights:

With the completion of all constitutional steps, the division of Yemen into two separate states had ended for good. Since then, the Yemeni people began to aspire for socio-economic development and unity building and significant progress toward democracy, promoting Human Rights principles, ensuring women's participation in political, economical, and social life has been made. 


The tangible achievements have been realized under the guidance of His Excellency the President of the Republic Ali Abdullah Saleh and attributed to the sincere efforts and the hard work of this proud nation.

Yemen has the honor of being the first country in the Arabian Peninsula to:


  • - Give women the right to vote
    - Have elected women as Members of Parliament
    - Appoint a woman as Minister for Human Rights
    - Appoint a woman as an Ambassador to Holland
    - Establish the National Supreme Committee for Human Rights headed by the   .    Yemeni Prime Minister
    - Establish the Ministry for Human Rights headed by a woman Minister
    - Establish the Supreme Committee for the National elections, the first independent elections body in the Middle East.

Over the past decade, the Yemeni Government has continued to demonstrate its commitment to democracy. In 1990, following the unification, a multi-party political system was established and in 1993 an independent electoral commission was formed.