Location :

landlocked country bordered by China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Area :
236,800 square Kilometers.
Climate :
Tropical with rainy season from May to October.
Population :
5.9 million.
Density :
25 people per square kilometer.
Religion :

Buddhism (Theravada Buddhism).

Language :

Lao (English is widely understood in the cities)

Capital :


Major Cities :

- Vientiane

- Savannakhet   
- Pakse
- Luang Prabang
Main touristic sites
- Luangphabang, the charm and the serenity of the world heritage “an alive museum of the past ”.
- Plain of Jars (Xiengkhouang) the 3,000 years stone jars.
- That Luang Stupa and Patouxay (triumphal arch) Vientiane City.
- Ruins of Wat Phu  Champassak temple built from 6th to 8th centuries placed under the UNESCO’s list of the world heritage conservation and Khonephapheng Waterfall, the biggest waterfall of the Mekong river in Champassak  province.

People & Culture :


The Lao PDR is a home of multi-ethnic people and multi-cultural society. It has long history of rich variety of cultures and customs.

There are 49 ethnic groups in Laos which speak four major languages:
* Lao
- Tai family.
* Mone
- Khmer family.          
* Tibeto
- Chinese family.
* Hmong
- Loumien family.